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Я тут попробовала составить свой саундтрек к Q4...и вот что получилось. Какие-то треки очень подходят, какие-то - не очень.

Air Defense Bunker – Disturbed “Land of confusion”
Air Defense Trenches – Placebo “Bruise Pristine”
Hangar Perimeter – Bush “Warm Machine”
Interior Hangar – Adema “The Way You Like It”
MCC Landing Site – Staind “Right Here”
Operation: Advantage – Placebo “You Don’t Care About Us”
Canyon – 30 Seconds To Mars “I’ll Attack”
Perimeter Defense Station – Muse “Hysteria”
Aqueducts – Breaking Benjamin “The Diary Of Jane”
Aqueducts Annex – Placebo “Special K”
Nexus Hub Tunnels – Suburban Tribe “Frozen Ashes”
Nexus Hub – Strata “The Panic”
Strogg Medical Facilities – 30 Seconds To Mars “Capricorn” | 10 Years “Wasteland”
Construction Zone – Avril Lavigne “My Happy Ending”
Dispersal Facility – 3 Days Grace “I Hate Everything About You”
Recomposition Center – System Of A Down “Kill Rock’n’roll”
Putrification Center – Papa Roach “Getting Away With Murder”
Waste Processing Facility – Cold “Black Sunday”
Operation: Last Hope – 30 Seconds To Mars “Edge Of The Earth”
Data Storage Terminal 1 – Linkin Park “From The Inside”
Data Storage Security – Evanescence “Going Under”
Data Storage Terminal 2 – Placebo “Slave To The Wage”
Tram Hub Station – Prime STH “I’m Stupid”
Tram Rail – Pain “Shut Your Mouth”
Data Processing Terminal 1 – Guano Apes “Big In Japan”
Data Processing Security – Placebo “Twenty Years”
Data Processing Terminal 2 – 13 Senses “Through The Glass”
Data Networking Terminal – Placebo “36 Degrees”
Data Networking Security – The Killers “Mr. Brightside”
Nexus Core – Placebo “Every You Every Me”
The Nexus – System Of A Down “Toxicity”
Ending =) – Cold “Suffocate” =)))
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