Alpha Prime (alphaprimeap) wrote,
Alpha Prime

Хейсеевские райдерокотэ и их фразочки

(С)тырено с Нихона.


Kuuga: So behold, my henshin!
Agito: Isn’t being alive delicious?
Ryuki: Alright!
Faiz: (Blowing on the soup)
Blade: Uiiiii!
Hibiki: I’m well trained.
Kabuto: Walking the path of Heaven, ruler of all.
Den-O: Oof
Kiva: Let’s go, Kivat!
Decade: I’ve got the gist of this.
W: Now, count up your sins!
OOO: Okay. Got it.
Fourze: Let’s do this man-to-man!
Wizard: Whew!
Gaim: In the spotlight On Stage
Tags: kamen rider 555, kamen rider agito, kamen rider blade, kamen rider decade, kamen rider den-o, kamen rider fourze, kamen rider gaim, kamen rider hibiki, kamen rider kabuto, kamen rider kiva, kamen rider kuuga, kamen rider ooo, kamen rider ryuki, kamen rider w, kamen rider wizard, кошки
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