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20 Сентябрь 2014 @ 11:17
Хейсеевские райдерокотэ и их фразочки  
(С)тырено с Нихона.


Kuuga: So behold, my henshin!
Agito: Isn’t being alive delicious?
Ryuki: Alright!
Faiz: (Blowing on the soup)
Blade: Uiiiii!
Hibiki: I’m well trained.
Kabuto: Walking the path of Heaven, ruler of all.
Den-O: Oof
Kiva: Let’s go, Kivat!
Decade: I’ve got the gist of this.
W: Now, count up your sins!
OOO: Okay. Got it.
Fourze: Let’s do this man-to-man!
Wizard: Whew!
Gaim: In the spotlight On Stage
Настроение: hungryголоден(а)
Музыка: Elyose - Overload | Powered by Last.fm